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EU Officials Probe Microsoft on Licenses

Michael Moore sued over anti-gun movie.

Why hackers love Hollywood

Why I won’t be celebrating Halloween with Barbie

Bush and abortion

Bush successes – does the media care?

Another Vietnam? NO!

GOP unity is strained by attacks

Seven suicide bombings thwarted in past week

Japan Loses 2nd Satellite to Solar Flare

Great slideshow on solar activity

Where hate crime laws lead to – Australian Embassy Deals With Concerns About Religious Vilification Case

Attacking Self Defense

U.S. Gun-Control Laws Don’t Save Lives

Saddam Confidant Linked to al-Qaida Group

Is partial reversal of autism possible?

In 1990, the recorded rate of autism in America was 1 in 10,000. Today the Centers for Disease Control report that number stands at 1 in 150. This dramatic rise in autism rates correlates with the increase in mercury-exposure through vaccines given to children in the late 1980s and through the 1990s

It’s a matter of trust.. or lack there of. Miami Cops Sentenced In Planted-Gun Shootings

Jay Bryant makes some (unfortunately) excellent points when he asks if Are The Terrorists Right?

The Muslim terrorists think America is soft. They believe that if you put enough pressure – violent, physical, in-your-face pressure on the United States, it will turn tail and run.

I’m afraid he’s right and our history bears out his arguments. When it comes to doing what is right we know it’s almost never the easy thing. Does the American people have to political will to resist the nay-sayers and see this thing through? To see the Left’s agenda for what it is? Probably not…

if a Democrat is elected President in 2004, it’s over – not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but throughout the world. No one old enough to read this column will live long enough to see a strong America again

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