Big news that has to irk the Dems and rabid GW detractors, the Economy Grows at Fastest Pace Since 1984. At least some in the press are honest about their feelings:

News of GDP reached White House corps on bus en route to Bush event in Columbus. One reporter joked that the White House is now painting a banner to hang above Bush during his speech. ‘ECONOMY: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED’…

Quote from Matt Drudge’s website
It also seems appropriate that if GW is going to get blamed for inheriting a recession he should be Credited for Economic Growth. It’s nice to know that tax cuts work and that supply-side economics is yet again vindicated.

Also interesting, every live news source website I frequent gave this news top billing… except Google News. The GDP news was not noted anywhere on the page at the time of this writing. The instead choose to talk about how US is #2 to FInland

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