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On Judicial Nominations

Democrats Block Two Judicial Nominees

GOP Fails to Raise Constitutional Issue in Dems’ Obstructionism of Judges

Senate’s GOP Majority Again Goes Wobbly on Judicial Nominees

Democrats accused of racism on Bush nominees
Critics cite Kennedy ‘Neanderthal’ remark, memo nixing Estrada because ‘he is Latino’

Racism on Dem plantation

Why judicial nominations are important: Lying Scholars Fuel Anti-Gun Court Verdicts

Kennedy joins Rockefeller in making it about the Democrat Agenda instead of the Nation. Affirmative-action case rigged? Memos urge Sen. Kennedy to slow judicial confirmation to affect ruling

The 10 Commandments and Justice Moore

Texas judges OK 10 Commandments Appeals court says monument in public area outside Capitol doesn’t violate constitution

Alabama ousts Justice Moore. But promises announcement next week that ‘could alter the course of this country’

ustices won’t hear 10 Commandments appeals

I always like Baldwin’s no-nonsense take on things. Supreme Court Closed Door On Judge Moore, But God Will Open Another One

On Everything Else

Political expediency strikes again as the Energy bill gets through without Alaskan Oil. And I was hoping Frist had found his spine….

Socialists, U.N. call for world government along with the Democrats, Hollywood, Mega-Global corporations and Bono.

Ex-Mexican consul arrested in connection with trafficking of illegal Arab migrants Who would have thought!

EU Stupid Goverment Tricks, Man Fined for Scratching While Driving. Proving once again that Governments do not make good pets and cannot be litter trained.

Teen targeting smut peddler strikes again, Clothier pushes porn, group sex to youths Catalogue suggests retailer selling philosophy not shirts and pants.

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