WMD – Nader – Nora – Kerry

In the war on drugs a crack pipe will land you in jail without crack. I guess the same rules don’t apply with WMD’s. What is that old saying, where there is smoke there is, or will be, fire.

The French and the EU have now made it official, Arafat never financed terror. Right…..

They can call us evil, preach our destruction, blow up buses and buildings, threaten entire nations and try to destroy us but don’t dare talk badly about Islam in Australia as it’s illegal.

It is so nice to see the Democrats on the verge of running a candidate for President that is free from special interest demands. Especially those demands from that all-powerful lobby of defense contractors which is what led us into war with Iraq. Oops, guess not.

I am slightly worried that Kerry could win considering the number of groups threatening to stay home because of the President’s decidely unconservative actions. Fortunately Ralph is coming to the rescue. The Dems are whining but they had Perot without whom Clinton would be a retired Governor today.

Everyone has ridiculed the actions of the TSA in confiscating 3 inch toy GI Joe guns and nail clippers. But they are there to look out of the traveling public, right? Or is it just the next scam to get more Gov’t revenue?

In all the insanity there is at least one small piece of common sense in the news this week which is why the bill will more likely go down in defeat.

Here is some linkage on my recent comments on Nora Jones. The highest sales debut for an album since 2001 and she didn’t have to expose herself on national television.

Though I’ve not yet dug into it for a sanity check Papers Please is quite disturbing and only one more link in the chain of infringment.

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