Kerry on Gun Control

I wonder where John Kerry was in 1994 when many of his cronies lost their jobs in the midterm elections for supporting Clinton’s 1994 “Assault Weapons” ban? It’s rather obvious he has forgotten how much of a political 3rd rail gun control can be.

What is rather amusing is Kerry has accused VP Cheney and the Bush Administration of using fear to motivate voters. But that’s exactly what Kerry is doing here especially since there is no basis in fact for his allegations that the expiring abortion of a law did anything but inconvenience shooters and collectors.

Terrorists are going to go to the local gunshop to buy their terror weapons????? Yeah, right!!!! ( In the immortal words of one Mr. B. Bunny, “what a maroon!”. )

People have to remember that laws are only for the law abiding so only the law abiding are effected by such nonsense. Criminals, by definition, will ignore the law.

The other misnomer that Kerry has been pushing today is “I never once considered going hunting with a military style assault weapon”. That’s irrelavent. Hunting is irrelavent. The Second Amendment doesn’t contain the word “hunting” nor “need”.. it says “the right of the people”. And that should be the end of the discussion.

But there are other ways to debunk the “need” argument that predate the Constitution itself.

This isn’t a nation of “needs” or we could all be have 2 cylinder engined cars or bicycles, sack-cloth clothing and food stamps. But that is not the case. For the the birth of the American Dream was when our Founding Fathers realized that people don’t have to be kept hungry and on the edge of poverty to get them to work. Which is how most of the world motivated it’s populance at the time.

It was a very radical idea that people would work to elevate themselves in their social class. Whether through the purchase of a new tea set, a nicer set of china, a nicer house, nicer clothing, etc…

It was not “need” that catapulted the United States to the forefront of history and prosperity. It was the drive for personal improvement, for personal status , improved living conditions, luxury items… toys…

Look around America today and you’ll see that these are what the Left is attacking. They are attacking one of the most motivating forces in history, material wealth, by attempting to control what you can buy as the reward for all of your hard work. Whether your motivational reward is an SUV or a military look-alike rifle is none of their business.

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