My images, Linking & Fair Use

Because of excessive bandwidth usage hot linking to my images is not allowed. My website is not configured such that linking to my images, unless they’re being linked to the boards listed at right, will not work but give an warning graphic instead.

If you want to link to my images that’s ok but you must email me and ask, providing the URL where the image will be linked from.

The use of my original photography in pursuit of firearms collecting and/or historic knowledge is granted as long as my website is properly credited (except listed boards). The use of my images for content, websites, publications or in any way that are contray to my beliefs and/or political views is forbidden ( i.e. anti-Firearm, anti-Christian, anti-Right-Wing, anti-Life, etc… ). If in doubt, ask.

If you don’t like my policy…. you’ll get over it.

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