(866) 383-0986

Yesterday my wife received a phone call from a “foreign sounding” guy wanting my fax number and that it was something to do with a domain registration. Since I’m listed as either owner or technical contact on about 60 domains this type of call isn’t completely unknown to her but the request for a fax number was. She called me at the office and told me about it and this got me thinking since my domain contact information hasn’t pointed to my home number for a couple of years. I had her *69 and call me back with the number which was 866-383-0986.

Being the curious type that I am I double checked that my home number isn’t listed on any of the domain registrations then tried to call the number. It disconnected immediately. So off I go and Google the number. Interesting.

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  1. Mike Warner Says:

    got a call from the same number and same (Indian ?) sounding guy supposedly about my, wanting my fax number, when I started asking him questions he hung up.

    I understand there is technology out there now that will allow callers to fake their caller ID. I am wondering if this number is the one preset to show up when they get this thing because it seems to be tied to a lot of different things on the search engines…

  2. Daniel J Says:

    I just received the same call regarding domain name registration. Indian sounding voice starting asking for a fax number. When I ask which domain was he talking about, he started guessing! “Daniel.com ?” Hmmm. I wish I had that one, but then I knew it was some sort of scam. I started to ask more questions and he (of course) hung up.

  3. Cassandra Says:

    Funny…I just received a call about 5 minutes ago from the SAME foreigner, asking “Is this ______.com”. At first I didn’t understand what he was asking for, and asked again, as I couldn’t understand him very well. By the time I had hung up saying “You must have the wrong number,” I realized that he was asking if I was a domain name which is registered to me.

    So I performed a search on Yahoo and found your site that also talked about this. Now I’m wondering who this person is, how he got my number, why he called me regarding my domain name/website, and what the call was all about. Please write if you have any ideas. Thanks.

  4. James Smith Says:

    I just received a call from the same number. They wanted to loan me money. This is the third call in two weeks from the same number. I told them not to call back this last time, with in five minutes they called back but another person this time. Again I told them to get off my phone. I did an internet search and found this address for that phone number. I don’t know if it is correct or not but here it is.
    Media Direct Marketing Consultants
    1822 North Bend Drive
    Knoxville, Tn 37909

  5. Pointman Says:

    I’m trying to figure what their angle is with the fax number. The only thing I can come up with at the moment is that maybe it is some sneaky loop-hole around the do not call registries enacted in various states including Indiana. No matter the angle I smell a rat with an eastern accent.

  6. Marc Orcutt Says:

    I get this call every now and then – the indian-sounding guys already knows my domain name and wants the fax number. I assume it’s some solicitor trying to sell my number or fax me some of those worthless travel “deals”. When he asks for the fax number I always reply, “oh you don’t need that” and hang up. Let’s face it – this guy is no rocket scientist – the fax number is published on the website that he already has the domain name for. It’s also listed with the domain registrar as public information.

  7. Cassandra Says:

    My number has been on the do-not-call registry for quite a while now. I never get solicitation phone calls on my cell–the number this Indian guy called me on. I’m wondering if Network Solutions, who I registered my domain name with, is somehow sharing my private/personal information with someone??? Otherwise, how would this person who called me know that my cell phone number was associated with my domain name, as the only institution who knows this number and it’s association with my domain name is indeed Network Solutions. Hmmmmm…

  8. Pointman Says:

    My number is also on the do-not-call list but calling us as someone we’re already doing business with gets them by that restriction. I’ve gotten calls from insurance companies where the first question was “how is the new XYZ widget you recenly purchased from us?” before launching into their new deal and “they are contacting all of their customers to extend them this fabulous offer”…

    Domain Registrar information is out there for all to see via whois unless you pay them extra to keep it private. The number this guy called hasn’t been in Whois for quite awhile, at least a year, everything points to my office numbers. I’d guess the callers are operating off a data dump they purchased/got from a data-miner who mined the various whois databases then sold the information. The registrars try to stop automated mining, some with more success than others, but the bad guys find work arounds pretty quickly. Most registrars will now withhold your data if you give them $10/year extra. 🙁

  9. Hexandra Says:

    I have *also* received a call from this number on my cell, of all places…just this afternoon…but missed the opportunity to speak to the froggy little native boy in the leather apron. Ah, isn’t synchronicity wonderful? It would indeed appear that someone is mining data in Network Solutions registry database. Yes, like others I do not have tender feelings for NS for demanding an extra ten bucks to protect my privacy. It’s a racket, a hustle and a swindle. Other than that, I have no problem paying these racketeers of the internet for the privilege of having wackos, “long lost relatives” and furn fellers sniffing my underwear and stealing time on my cell. Ooooh, yes. No problem whatsoever. Thus, in retaliation, a “girlcott”, as they say, I have let a number of services and domain names lapse. You reading this, great unwashed employees and data plunderers of Network Solutions?? GOOD! Getcher act together, you leaden-headed bucket o’ fishsticks!! Chaos Magick comin’ at ya’ in the night. LOOK OUT!!!

  10. Denny H Says:

    Yup. Just got the call three times in a row. No response when I answer so I called the number back. No answer there. Anyone gets a contact address, please list it. I buy the plane ticket to fly somewhere and knock somone out. Scum.

  11. Cassandra Says:

    So I just got another call from this same number…same Indian guy. I guess the number that appears on one’s caller ID is not the number of the entity that is calling. In the same spirit [yet different situation], I received another call this weekend (unrelated to this matter) and my caller ID had 999-999-9999 displayed, which leads me to believe that companies are indeed able to disguise there calling number to the person on the receiving end of the call.

    This is the information I got. The guy’s name is Daniel Xapier. His is calling from “Domain Registry Support”. He asked me for my fax number, and when I told him I didn’t have one he gave me their 800# to call if I ever need information/support regarding my domain registry. His number is 800-591-7398. Hope this info helps to anyone who is interested.

  12. Hexandra Says:

    About half an hour ago, my cell phone rings. I see ‘Unavailable ID’. I answer the call. It is a male with an distinct Indian accent (in fact, very reminiscent of a guy I used to work with who hailed from Madras..) who asks for me by LAST NAME first, then first name. Wacky. I hung up on him without saying a word. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist…so now I advise anyone with a cell phone receiving a call with ‘Unavailable ID’, a ridiculous number like the string of ‘9’s Cassandra mentioned or the mystical 866 area code to *ignore* the call. The @#!$% just tried phoning back again a minute ago and rang off, like a kid ringing the doorbell and running away. Cute! This guy (or “these people”) seem to avoid going to voicemail. I will be calling my cell phone company and complaining about these calls. It will be interesting to see what results are obtained. I advise anyone else getting these calls to contact their service provider and complain. This is particularly bad news when the calls are coming to a cell… I thank all of you who wrote about the “Indian-sounding guy” and saved me the aggravation of speaking with the creep.

  13. Pointman Says:

    Good information, thanks!.

    I know with some types of telephone technology you can set the information sent for caller ID. We use it to make our 800 number show up rather than our local area code number. This feature had be supported by our telephone company and by our phone software. The telephone company can also statically set the number being sent out.

    Hexandra, I had to start taking those “Unavailable” ID calls because some of our clients have blocked their Caller IDs for some odd reason. But for personal purposes those calls typically can be safely ignored. Besides, if it’s important they’ll leave a message. 🙂

  14. Danielle Says:

    Indian Guy just called me and asking for my fax number. I said I didn’t have one and he acted shocked. He said, “aren’t you the owner of blahblahblah.com? I said yes and who the heck is he. He said, “Sorry to have bothered you” and hung up. I googled his number and arrived here.

  15. K Says:

    OMG I just got two calls from that number on my cell and no message. I just Googled it and this thread came up. I just updated/moved some of my domains via Network Solutions last week so maybe that sparked this call? So what does this mean, that Network Solutions sells contact info etc? Should I move registratrs instead of paying the money to be private.

    This is insane…

  16. Pointman Says:

    My domains are registered with Network Solutions and a few with GoDaddy. It was shortly after initial GoDaddy registrations that I started getting marketing calls. Within a week some guy on the west coast was calling me to see if I needed help building my business website for my new domains 🙂

    Unfortunately because my number was listed with both registrars at one time I can’t pin it on one of the other….

  17. Denny Says:

    Just got it again… Yeah, I moved from NS to godaddy just a couple of months ago. Just the idea of sitting around calling people all day and trying to scam their name and #, etc. makes me sick. I’d like to find the guy and beat his head in. Seriously. I mean, what does he want? Is he trying to sell something? Does that work? Or his he trying an ID theft? Really, I’m going to keep checking here – you guys keep posting too. I’ll fly my ass to India or wherever this assh*le is and introduce the Louisville Slugger to modern Indian culture. Aslo I would like to list the number like an 800 number – I first searched that way and didn’t find this again..


  18. Denny Says:

    Ok kids… I just remembered that I changed my phone contact when switching to godaddy. And if you goto


    you can find the owner info (from the whois database). This is nothing new, but I did note the info at the top of the page:

    The data contained in Go Daddy Software, Inc.’s WHOIS database,
    while believed by the company to be reliable, is provided “as is”
    with no guarantee or warranties regarding its accuracy. This
    information is provided for the sole purpose of assisting you
    in obtaining information about domain name registration records.
    Any use of this data for any other purpose is expressly forbidden without the prior written permission of Go Daddy Software, Inc. By submitting an inquiry, you agree to these terms of usage and limitations of warranty. In particular, you agree not to use this data to allow, enable, or otherwise make possible, dissemination or collection of this data, in part or in its entirety, for any purpose, such as the transmission of unsolicited advertising and solicitations of any kind, including spam. You further agree
    not to use this data to enable high volume, automated or robotic electronic
    processes designed to collect or compile this data for any purpose,
    including mining this data for your own personal or commercial purposes.

  19. Terry Says:

    Called the 800 number and got ahold of some guy who wouldn’t give me his name and told me that the company was “Domian Registry Support” tasked by the US government to let everyone know about the new US domain and give people the option of purchasing a .US domain for any .com, .edu, .org, or .net that they already own.

    Johnathan @ Extension 2704 appears to be a supervisor and will hang up pretty quickly

    Arron @ extention 2706 appears to be in tech support – he likes wine and was busy defragging a hard drive and removing spyware from a machine when I called. (Nice to hear telemarketers hate spyware too)

    Let’s build a directory!! 🙂

  20. Terry Says:

    More stuff from: 800-591-7398 (Call from work or something, btw … they will get your phone number if you call this number otherwise)

    2701: General Mailbox — appears to have no limit on the size of messages, I read a 4 page CIO Decisions article into the mailbox and was able to review the entire article (#1 to review your message before saving, 8 will save as an urgent message … My CIO Decisions article was urgent.)

    Address verification office …

    Dave Sawyer: x2601, part of the support office. This is one of the people that you get transferred to after you say you want to order some *.us. Says they are actually itsyourdomain.com or IYD and they are one of the processors approved by ICANN to handle the “first offers” to .com holders. You can contact Dave: supportagent@domainsupportgroup.com.

    You too can hack their phone structure: Just call and press “0” to be transferred to the operator and then type in random numbers starting with 26 or 27. … Next, act very confused. 🙂

  21. Terry Says:

    One last thing: Apparently, itsyourdomain.com has a BBB presence which is a great place to complain about their sleezy marketing practices (I did).


    Make sure to mention “Domain Support Group” etc.. when complaining.

  22. Eric Says:

    I don’t
    think that’s what’s up. Instead, I think that the company behind this
    number is simply war dialling.

    I note that tonight it is no longer answering at the Indian shop.
    Here is a list of all calls from 800 Service numbers with an
    indication of what I get tonight.

    20-FEB-2003 17:09:22.48 Fax 800 379-8414 Reorder
    25-SEP-2003 12:03:19.21 Ln1 800 839-5031 DME Telephony Services
    26-SEP-2003 19:24:02.84 Ln1 800 839-5031
    18-FEB-2004 12:17:26.73 Ln2 866 383-0986 Mystery Phone Number
    26-JUN-2004 20:08:56.06 Fax 866 383-0986
    14-JUL-2004 19:33:44.81 Ln1 866 383-0986
    15-SEP-2004 09:32:00.97 Ln2 800 497-9512 Direct Satellite
    15-SEP-2004 10:34:14.52 Fax 800 497-9512
    25-OCT-2004 13:55:57.43 Ln3 800 290-7432 AOL
    26-OCT-2004 15:21:32.32 Ln3 800 290-7432
    27-OCT-2004 15:31:22.90 Ln3 800 290-7432
    28-OCT-2004 12:11:19.90 Ln3 800 290-7432
    8-NOV-2004 11:59:56.68 Fax 800 682-0393 “Customer Service”

    None of the calls to the Fax number were faxes. Here is the fax log
    for those calls:

  23. Jason Says:

    Just thought I would add my two cents to the conversation. I’ve been receiving a lot of calls from this 866-383-0986 as recently as this evening. Have yet to answer it but thought it was strange that there was never a message. Googled and found this website. My business site is registered through Network Solutions. My cell phone that they are calling is for my company and the number was changed literally days before registering with Network Solutions. There’s no way that this is a coincidence. I’ve been with my cell phone provider for almost 10 years and have never had this problem until registering with Network Solutions. Who do I complain too that will actually do something about this? Thanks

  24. Kel Says:

    I just received a call on my cell phone this afternoon from (868) 383-0985; there was just silence on the line… so – I hung up. My cell phone number is listed in the national and my state’s “Do Not Call” registry. I don’t have any domain names registered with Network Solutions; however, I do have several listed with another registrar.

  25. Jason Says:

    I just recieved a call from this number, 866-383-0986, asking for a fax number. Of course, this is curious and I don’t give out information of any kind without questions. He just kept saying he was from domain registration. He listed two of my sites, jasonworld.com & jasondenison.com – I am now wondering why he only choose those two when I have over 100 different domains.

    Anyways, I kept asking him why he needed my fax number, he sounded very frustrated, then he started saying he was domain registration support. I asked him what company he was with, he just kept repeating domain registration…. when I said I don’t use that company, he hung up

    I called back of course (smile), several times, but as previous bloggers mention, you just get a disconnect upon intersception. We probably should report this so they can trace it. It sounds like a dirty rat. Why a fax number, what good would that do anybody, unless one person said, they want to spam your fax, but many states have laws against that.

    I to am on the do-not-call list. I’m going to keep calling it as much as I can, maybe we can over ride the system or bog it down.

  26. Jacin Says:

    I just got a call from 866-383-0986.

    Rather than answering the phone (since I don’t know anyone who would be calling my cell-phone from a toll-free number), I managed to Google it and find this page while the phone was still ringing.

    I answered with “What?”

    He responded with something about being from a domain registry, and before he could finish I said “I don’t have a fax machine.”

    He seemed a bit taken aback by me knowing what he was going to ask.

    Then I said, “Now, how ’bout you tell me who you are and what your address is?” and he promptly hung up. Hasn’t called back either.

  27. Mark Jacobs Says:

    ha, this is great (not really)–just pleased that my google search for “domain registration 866-383-0986” yielded results! just got the same phone call…indian-sounding dude who seemed to have been taught only one english phrase: “what is your fax #?”
    sounds like he’s working over time. poor bastard.

  28. galelynn Says:

    Glad I found you, just got call from 866-383-0986, didn’t answer since # is unknown to me and I’m on every NoCall list I can add myself to. *69 said # either wasn’t accessible or was on a Call Forwarding. So now I sit here anxiously waiting for this jerk to call again so I, too, can have some fun jerking his chain. Years ago read book “How to say No without feeling Guilty” which said to practice on door-to-door salespeople. I guess that now applies to the spam/scam/phishing/telemarketers/etal

  29. galelynn Says:

    Oh, and I’m not registered with godaddy.com, my domain is registered through DirectNic.com. Guess they will always come up with new ways of accessing info on people.

  30. Greg Says:

    Just recieved 3 phone calls in a row requesting my fax number for my website. They wanted to know if it was personal or a business site. Google led me here. I registered and host my site through powweb.com so not sure if they got my number from them or what. Anyone else find out how to stop this?