Welcome to GregGarrison.com Redux

It looks like I was not alone in my view of Greg Garrison’s pay website for it is now a free site. So trot over and check out GregGarrison.com

3 Responses to “Welcome to GregGarrison.com Redux”

  1. Mom Says:

    Ha, I did that LAST week… Can’t believe I got ahead of you. 🙂 Actually I wanted to read “To Ride with a King”.

  2. Pointman Says:

    Actually, I’ve known for a few months and keep forgetting to note it. If only I could make entries over the phone hurling down the road….

  3. Mom Says:

    Well you have a Treo…;) Or how about a mini recorder: Note to self? 🙂
    See I knew I couldn’t get ahead of you. 🙂 I had heard but hadn’t gotten around to it (a round tuit?) until he read “To Ride with a King”. 🙂