Covered Bridges

Tuesday was such a beautiful day the missus and I took advantage to visit some of the covered bridges in the county we’d never been to. You’ll find the new additions in the Covered Bridges gallery. The new bridges are the Edna Collings, Houck and Dick Huffman bridges.

While out beating around the back waters of the county looking for the Edna Collings bridge I went through Clinton Falls which was also worthy of a few shots…

Family and friends with the logins can also checkout some new shots of me and the missus in the family gallery.

Tuesday was a two tank day as we covered right at 200 miles and almost all of it on chip and tar county rodes.

2 Responses to “Covered Bridges”

  1. Chris Says:

    Wow, everything is still so green down there. Things in Wisconsin are much more colorful and the leaves have already begun to fall.

  2. Pointman Says:

    Only barely, the maples are now in full blaze colors so the rest won’t be far behind. It seems we’re getting an early fall here since looking at last years Mansfield pictures looks about how it looked this past weekend. Though it certainly isn’t much after that judging by early November 2005 images