Covered Bridge Gallery Additions

For those who don’t want to wade through my Monday’s Ride post to ferret out the interesting links here are the two new Covered Bridge galleries created with pictures taken Monday. The first is the newly rebuilt Bridgeton Covered Bridge in Bridgeton, Indiana. The second is the Roseville Covered Bridge a mile or so outside of Rosedale, Indiana. I thought it was “Roseville” after Chauncy Roseville who the bridge is named after, but Google says I’m wrong… The bridge is just North of Rosedale where Google marks it Coxville.

If you were to wish to visit the Roseville bridge you can take the road west out of Bridgeton and follow the red arrow signs. Or, if you’re not starting from Bridgeton I’d recommend going South on 41 out of Rockville until you see the Coxville sign and turn left. It’s only a few miles to the bridge.

I’ll know that next time 😉

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