Header graphic time, again…

With the changing seasons and the abundance of new subject materials it’s time to create a new header graphic. Between the fall colors, the acquisition of the Shadow, and the new covered bridge images I tried to find something that might encompass a bit of them all. So, here are the candidates for this round:


First is taken from an image of the western face of the Edna Collins covered bridge located in north central Putnam county, Indiana.


Second is a landscape taken facing south east from the east side of the Dick Huffman bridge in south-western Putnam county, Indiana.


The third was taken facing west from inside the Dick Huffman covered bridge located in south west Putnam county, Indiana. That is my Honda Shadow in the middle of the road.


And the last, an attempt to capture the brilliance of the setting sun on oak trees on the eastern edge of the Roseville covered bridge valley in west central Park county, Indiana. I’ve adjusted to color curve to bring out the red and deepen the contrast line below the line of sunlight and deepen the sky.

The Missus favors the Edna Collins bridge and the sun in the oaks while I’m rather partial to the one taken from inside the covered bridge because I love the contrast of the sun and shadows, the bike and the greens. But the latter is not as fall like, I suppose.

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