Cataract Falls

The Shadow at Cataract's upper falls

One of the “Last Last Harrah” days (Thanksgiving thru the seven days) I made it down to Cataract Falls. It’s been many years since I’d been to Cataract but it hadn’t changed much, though the water was a bit higher in the lake below making the lower falls appear lower than they are during the summer. It was later in the day by the time I made so the light is not as good as I’d have liked. But some of the pictures actually turned out. Some were good enough to pull header images from so I’ll post those up here in a bit. Maybe one is good enough to use on the site or maybe even for yours if you’re using a Kubrick based theme.

5 Responses to “Cataract Falls”

  1. marc Says:

    do I see a fuel guage and a tach on your bike ?
    I could only wish I had both of them , don’t know of any aftermarket gas caps that have a built in guage ? or a good aftermarket tach ??????
    it’s time to spend the winter getting it ready for summer I guess.

  2. Pointman Says:

    Marc, yes the ’85-86 models had temp/fuel on the tank and speedo, tach, indicator lights on the intrument cluster reminisent of the CB series. One of the reasons I like these older years… The downside to the fuel gauge is it’s inaccurate and there is no reserve!

    The tach is easy for yours as you can replace the triple-t cap with one or a small bar mounted one which is the way I’d go. Fuel gauge wise, just run until it sputters and turn on the reserve and find a gas station. The FJ may have had a fuel gauge but they weren’t common and still aren’t especially on cruisers. I didn’t think your CB750 had one did it?

  3. Pointman Says:

    Oh yes, Marc, J&P has mini tach’s and some even setup specifically for your VT1100C but they’re pricey. I don’t think any were under $200. Of couse what accessory is these days?

  4. marc Says:

    Yes the old CB 750 custom did have a fuel guage along with a indicator that told you what gear you were in , which I loved.
    Oh well , I am really liking Mike’s new VTX 1800 , who knows maybe one is in the future ??????

  5. Pointman Says:

    The VTX1800T is at the top of my 2008 wishlist actually. Though a like equiped VTX1300 would be an option I’d consider siimple due to it’s base price being less than $1k more than a new Shadow VT1100. I’m also looking seriously at the Kaw Nomad 1600, beautiful…

    The VTX1300 I sat on last week really impressed me though I spotted serveral inconsequential pieces of chrome colored plastic I’d likely replace pretty quickly.

    None of the bikes I’ve owned have had gear indicators though I remember thinking they were nice on the CB Custom series back in the day. Today I think only the upper end like Goldwing’s have them, not sure about the Honda ST series which is also nice. Overall though I don’t need one and seldom even think about what gear I’m in – I just do it. You will too before long.