More Header Graphics

Since none of the last batch of header graphics seemed to meet with approval here are some new options created from pictures I took during the “Last Last Hurrah”. Some were taken at Cataract Falls and a couple are from the Rolling Stone covered bridge.


A shelf above the lower Cataract Falls


Looking down a rock ledge at the above shelf


Standing back from the falls, slower speed shot so the falls are softened a bit.


The West end of the Rolling Stone covered bridge (for which RSA and RSVS were named, btw)


And the Shadow waiting while I take the pictures of the Rolling Stone bridge…

Anyone who’s followed my header graphics over the years knows I’m partial to shots of moving water so I tend to be torn between the first two shots of the shelf above the falls. I also like the covered bridge shots but they seem a bit more claustrophobic not really due to lack of light but more due to the direction of the light which gives the appearance of lack of color What say you?

8 Responses to “More Header Graphics”

  1. Chris Says:

    I think I like either the head on shot of the covered bridge from the last batch, or “Cataract 3” of this batch. Honestly, of this batch, cataract_3 is the only one I like for a masthead….

  2. Pointman Says:

    I tend to favor Cataract 2 because the rock ledge offers a place for the title text. The Missus prefers your choices. Though she likes the one with the Shadow and the Bridge where I think it’s too brown. For some reason I prefer a naturally sepia tinted photo to have some sharp contract and a sharp green is always good for that.

  3. Nathan Says:

    I vote for the first image above, “A shelf above the lower Cataract Falls”. The opening in the trees in the distance gives you a feeling that youre not closed in and drives your eyes into the distance. The water comes from somewhere. I get a similiar feeling from the current masthead where we have the sunlight hitting the trees up the creek. Seems more inviting to me, but thats just my 2 cents. =)

  4. Mom Says:

    I sent you snow pictures but of these I like Cataract 3. But, it’s DECEMBER and we need snow on that masthead. Hey what about last year’s with the deer AND the snow!!! 🙂

    YOU asked…

  5. Pointman Says:

    But Ma… there’s no snow in Indiana in December! Er.. so far….

    There are some good pics in Winter Wonderland and 5 Feb 2005 galleries but getting any meaningful content out of them into a 720×186 slice is rather difficult.

    I guess I can go back to some of the older images such as these: deer,
    foggy bottom, icy creek or small creek.

  6. Pointman Says:

    Nathan makes a good point on perspective I’d not really put thought to other than to note the general appearance as something I liked. The long perspective that opens or lightens with distance does seem more invitational vs ones like the covered bridge ones above in which the perspective is a complete visual dead end and without depth.

  7. Nathan Says:

    The “cataract three” photo is very nice but since we are looking at a panoramic shot where the sky is lost it just doesnt seem as appealing to me. I do love the colors though and do commend you on your photographic skills!

    Merry Christmas everyone !

  8. Mom Says:

    I still like the deer one but the foggy bottom one is very nice as well. Puts me in the mind of Virginia mornings. 🙂

    Merry Christmas Nathan 🙂 Good point on that first image. I kind of overlooked it since I had snow on my mind. 🙂 Still do. Hope we get some AFTER Christmas!!