Mike Wallace’s 1959 Interview of Ayn Rand

A wonderful YouTube treasure! In 1959 Mike Wallace interviewed Ayn Rand ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 ) at a time when Mike knew how to actually ask hard questions. And Rand doesn’t miss a beat in rebutting Wallace and her critics. Wallace seems to miss that it is the individual who determines value and what yard stick the individual uses is strictly up to that individual.

I have often seen the argument from the anti- open source that Ayn Rand would frown on it as collectivism or communism. Such statements only highlight the detractors lack of understanding of Rand’s views. The individual may determine the value of his effort how he sees fit such as for coin or recognition. Rand’s own novel The Fountainhead revolves almost entirely around this premise as the lead character gives his architectural plans to another with the stated cost of “build it how I designed it”.

Lastly, Objectivism has serious flaws. Among them is the assumption of Man’s integrity which is not far off of today’s Libertarian doctrine. Yet without education and moral foundation the Objectivist Man will eventually be back in caves using clubs. This is a lesson we are yet again learning in Iraq where a people freed do not have the educational or referential knowledge to take hold of that freedom and slip back into the morass of of their past rather than forge a future.

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