Time to leave Reagan behind? Not.

Jeb Bush now counts his name among those “Republicans” stating it is time for the GOP to leave Reagan nostalgia behind. Sadly, my own Governor Mitch Daniels has also made such statements. I guess considering Bush Sr. and Reagan were not ideologically aligned (remember “voodoo economics”?) it should be no surprise that the Bush team would continue carry the ball.

The problem is that leaving “Reaganomics” behind is a large part of the problem with the Republican party today. The Bush crowd where never truly conservative. That includes W and the most recent contender, John McCain who is the poster boy for RINO along with Olympia Snow and Arlen Spector.

Unfortunately it is those who are at the core of the party’s problems that are leading the charge to “revitalize” the party by shifting it even further to the left.

One Response to “Time to leave Reagan behind? Not.”

  1. Marc Says:

    I can only think of ONE good thing Mitch Daniels has done since he has been in office , “Lifetime permits”.

    Atleast we still have one good candidate , Mike Pence.

    I think the “republican party” is under the impression they need to be farther to the left .

    Oh how quickly they seem to forget everything once they are in DC