I dub thee – Sophie

We’d been talking names for the pup and the Missus likes Butterscotch, Spice (so we’d have Ginger and Spice), Sophie and Daisy. I like Lucy or Sophie and a couple of others. Lucy was my preference though I like Sophie which is the Labrador puppy in Dog Eat Doug.

Primarily I wanted something distinctly feminine which is why I really didn’t like Butterscotch or Spice. Ginseng would have been cute to complement Ginger but would probably be too confusing since I call Ginger simply Gin. Though I also sometimes call her Red, Big Red and Big Red Rug if she’s in earshot and I don’t want her to know I’m talking about her….

So after much discussion we decided on Sophie.

Humorously she knows she’s “Puppy” so for the next several days she’s “Puppy Sophie” or “Sophie Puppy”. Unless I miss my guess she’ll be just Sophie in a matter of a few days.

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