Cheap Entertainment

There is nothing like 3 dogs and 3 different rawhides to make an evening of fine entertainment. It’s barely 7pm and already they’ve each “stolen” one from another on no less than 3 occasions. Each.

I’ve also discovered there is a rawhide my girls can’t shred in 15 minutes flat… never thought I’d see that day… They’re called Beefeaters Pork Hide Ribs (should they be pork eaters?) and they’re the shape and size of a beef rib. I acquired them from the local Family Dollar for the whopping price if 2 for $2…

While I was at it I grabbed Ginger a new bed… we’ve put down blankets for her but she has never really used them, preferring a spot on the carpet where everyone has to step around her…. But this one she took to immediately – we’ll see if she continues to use it. If not, I’ll use it to rotate Sophie’s kennel bed which is exactly the same one.

Gingers new bed

Another $10 at our local Family Dollar… Did I mention I like our local Family Dollar?

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