Evan Bayh & Dan Coats

Reflecting on Bayh’s stepping aside I realized the whole point of doing it so last minute was to put the power of nominating his replacement directly with the party rather than allowing the people their choice in the primaries. At this late date there simply isn’t anyone who can muster the signatures to get onto the primary ballots – seeing as those signatures are due today.

Bayh made sure there is no possibility of a popular local whom they cannot control taking the seat. The state party will get to decide who to put up in November…

Thinking about that brought to mind Coat’s surprise announcement. Heck Coats hasn’t lived in Indiana since he turned his seat over to Evan Bayh. But now he wants it back. Or does he?

My suspicion is the RNC was afraid of gaining a seat but one they cannot control and most of the primary candidates are not ones who will kowtow to the RNC. The most notable of which is John Hostettler who openly opposed President Bush and his policies including voting against going into Iraq, No Child and many others.

There is a lot of talk of the “Tea Party” movement and I think that is partly what the RNC fears as much as the DNC. If the RNC had gotten the message with President Obama’s victory the tea party people would be supporting the Republican national party again. But the RNC didn’t get it and have stuck to that peculiar brand of populist “compassionate conservatism” which may have won President Bush 2 elections but could carry the party no further as middle America Republicans realized how distant that ideology truly is from the classic liberalism of libertarian minded Christian conservatives.

Dan Coats is here to keep Indiana in the RNC’s pocket….

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