Has Anyone Seen the Oil That Spilled into the Gulf?

We seem to have a problem with the ongoing gulf clean up.. they can’t find the oil or at least not nearly as much as they should be finding.

Now that the greatest eco disaster of all time is failing to marterialize there is scrambling to explain why. One of the more interesting theories got others roundly lambasted just a couple weeks ago. Essentially oil is a natural substance the leaks out of cracks all over the globe including in the region of the blown well so why is anyone surprised nature has at least part of the solution?

The lesson from past spills is that the lion’s share of the cleanup work is done by nature in the form of oil-eating bacteria and fungi. The microbes break down the hydrocarbons in oil to use as fuel to grow and reproduce. A bit of oil in the water is like a feeding frenzy, causing microbial populations to grow exponentially.

Typically, there are enough microbes in the ocean to consume half of any oil spilled in a month or two, says Howarth. Such microbes have been found in every ocean of the world sampled, from the Arctic to Antarctica. But there are reasons to think that the process may occur more quickly in the Gulf than in other oceans.

Even more telling is when Time mag acknowledges Rush may have been right… What I like in Time’s piece is they seem to be trying to get back to serious journalism. Hopefully its not superficial…

So if, now that the leak is plugged, the environmental issues are quickly righting themselves why is the Administration still trying to keep a moratorium in place at the cost of thousands of workers?

More likely they are simply taking advantage of the opportunity to push their anti-oil, anti-carbon, anti-cheap-energy agendas.

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