Sophie will eat almost anything and she reinforced that tonight by cleaning up a 1/2 dozen broccoli florets the Missus accidentally dropped on the floor making dinner.

Ginger has a bit more discriminating tastes than Sophie and decided she’d pass on the Broccoli. Which was fine with Sophie who proceeded to pilfer Ginger’s piece.

Which in turn prompted Ginger to go find another piece. She sat there and worked on it all the while making funny faces. I could almost see her mind churning… “Sophie likes this then I’m suppose to like this too… but it’s just not all that.. but I’ll going to choke it down before I let that pig bull have it!” while Sophie finished cleaning the tile..

Only after the floor was cleaned did the Missus mention something I’d not considered…. broccoli farts… the girls may spend the rest of the evening outside…

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