My dog is Passive-Aggressive

Sophie certainly has the brawn in the family and though she’s as loyal as a dog can be considering the language barrier and all – she’s not a schemer. If Sophie wants something she simply takes it, damn the torpedoes.

Ginger is another story. This girl is a schemer sometimes too smart for her own good.

Two examples… for some time I felt bad that Ginger took so much guff from Sophie whenever Sophie didn’t get her way or was pissy about something. Our coming home and not letting her out of the dog run is an great example. Sophie will run up to the gate and sit as best a double-wound clock spring can because that is what is required of her to be let out.

But walk by without letting her out and Ginger is backing away double time to keep ahead of Sophie expressing how she feels about that.

What the casual observer may not pickup on is that while Sophie is sitting best she can, wanting that gate opened, Ginger is 5 foot off her back barking at her “come play with me! ignore him, chase me!”.

Sort of dampens the sympathy….. but only if you’re around a bit to observe. Else you’ll be feeling Sophie is a mean old brute and Ginger is a sweet as pie girl subject to horrible abuse. Not quite…

Another example is rawhides… give them each one and naturally the one they’re given is the one neither wants. They each want the one the other has – that’s dogs for you. Ginger, though, has worked out a plan… She goes to the door and wants out….

Now these two are rather inseparable for all the shenanigans you’d think would have them at odds. So when that door opens Sophie has to be clear the way and when that girl comes through better stand aside or get run over. This is where Ginger puts her plan into action and since Sophie has blindly ran into the yard Ginger is slipping back to the living room to get Sophie’s rawhide.

When Sophie realizes she’s been had, again, she comes and sits by me, staring at Ginger uttering an occasional whimper I take to mean something like “daaaaaddd…… she’s got my cheeeewwwwwyyyyyy…”

I mean really… who needs television?

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