Ringing out 2010

What a way to bring 2010 to a conclusion. It’s 60 degrees here in western Indiana today and the last of the ice melted off the driveway overnight.

After a little work today became the last official riding day of 2010. And after the December we’ve had here a couple hours of riding was just what the doctor ordered.

Chimichangas at our favorite place, frosty’s from the drive through and back home where we had some Zin, some Shiners and a movie – SALT.

A few thunderstorms rumbled through to the dismay of Sophie. Tough little dog that she is, she’s afraid of storms. She’ll try to crawl into my lap but doesn’t fit so in the end spends them hiding in a corner of the bathroom. And it’s about at this point that Ginger steals all the chewies…

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