2012 Goldwing

The much debated and long awaited 2012 Goldwing is almost here. Despite the claims of all the “insiders” it doesn’t look like much has changed in the power plant. But the suspension and styling changes are certain to be a hit. At least they are with me. The front side vents remind me of a BMW and the larger swept looking bags were overdue.

Every time I look at something other than my VTX I have to consider luggage capacity. To date nothing in production has the capacity of my VTX thanks to the huge Tsukayu Jumbo bags. But those new bags look like they’re approaching “big enough”…

Still don’t know if I could drop my cruiser for a Goldwing, at least not as an only bike, but I sure do like how Honda has continued to refine and redefine what a touring bike is.

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