Poor Sophie. Somewhere in the course of a 15 minute poddy break (about all the longer the bum wants to spend outdoors anyway) she crossed paths with a skunk.

After examining her I find it mostly on her nose, neck and feet so I suspect she’s walked through it rather than having being sprayed.. This is somewhat reinforced as she was bone dry, no wet or oily spots, and we heard no barking which if she’d found a “friend” we’d likely have heard. My bet is she walked through it and scratching spread it to her neck and the oil spread as it does.

Two separate baths and 4 shampooings later (baby shampoo mixed with dawn) she’s relatively clean except around her muzzle… which still smells. The solutions they say work (peroxide, baking soda, dawn mix) too harsh to use on the face and that’s where I need it.

So the Missus is going to run to town and get some Skunk-Off from Tractor Supply while I get some work done since this isn’t the weekend. The Skunk-Off stuff is not much more expensive ($10) than the other recommended home remedy for use on muzzles which is massengill tricotine solution.

At the moment the girls are out in their fence, doors open and fan going and it’s not bad. We’ve actually gotten to the point we really don’t smell it unless we go outside for a few minutes then come back in. So we’re following a few recommendations I’ve found around the interwebs, coffee grounds and baking soda out around the house for awhile to absorb and mask the smell…

Possibly the worst part is that because we’ve somewhat accustom to the smell I’m afraid to go anywhere fearing *I* smell like skunk and can’t tell! It doesn’t help having read about people who’ve had to retrieve their kids from school the day after because the kids smelled like skunk.

One other note on this whole experience is that outside of driving by skunk speed bumps this is my first up close and personal with skunks since I was a kid. The smell isn’t what I expected and rather than smelling like the drive by it smelled more like burning tires and perm solution. As it was not what I expected I admit I was somewhat suspicious this was possibly more than a simply dog/skunk run in.

Overall though, almost 20 years in these woods and this is our first run-in with a skunk – that’s pretty good.

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