Americans Face Double-Digit Hikes in Electricity Bills to Fund Upgrades

Just what we need, but who didn’t know this was coming? Americans Face Double-Digit Hikes in Electricity Bills to Fund Upgrades I have stated point blank that utilities and corporations pay no taxes, their customers do – and been called a liar.

Ok well this isn’t about taxes its about regulation of emissions which were considered “clean” only a couple years ago.  As a matter of fact the EPA set targets on Indianapolis through the 2000’s and as soon as Indianapolis hit those numbers guess what? The EPA said not good enough… now you have to hit these numbers instead.

Why? Because were the air to become “clean” the EPA would have succeeded in their mission (first gov’t agency to do so in history) they would have to be disbanded.  And image what that would do to the unemployment rate right?

Anyway, these regs, guess how much difference these changes will make in air quality?  We’re pushing well through the cost-benefit here and who’s paying for it?

Those who can least afford it. Those who the Democrats always say they represent.  Not that we didn’t know it for a lie anyway but all things considered I’m hoping America is waking up that if this stuff didn’t work for Jimmy Carter why would it work for Mr. Obama?

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