Mitt Romney Is A Democrat

I know it’s not news that many on the R side of the aisle don’t care for Mitt Romney the Democrat.  If we’re going to have a 2 party system how about we have 2 politically opposing candidates instead of a regular and a lite version?

Of course I asked the same thing of the Republicans many times over the years with Bush Sr, Dole and McCain. It’s no wonder the media often referred to Bush Jr as a “conservative Republican” – its been so long since anyone has seen one.

Sadly there is simply no one to vote for and by the time the primaries hit Indiana in May Mitt may well be the only one on the ballot. I have not skipped a primary vote  since I was able to vote.  I can only hope Paul holds on long enough that I don’t have to ruin that track record now.

Mitt vs Obama is an Obama victory.

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