Oh my! What have we done!?

Adorable Dora Blue is about 5 months old who came home from the shelter and vet just last night. Dora’s former daddy ended up behind bars, his girl friend found Dora in the basement and turned her over to animal control.

Adorable Dora Blue

When I walked in with her I could see the gears turning in Ginger the german shepherd’s head – “oh no – not this cr@p again”. This after she mopped for days without her buddy Sophie. I guess females are fickle regardless of species, eh?

Adorable Dora Blue

This is first dog I’ve ever paid money for in my life as dumped strays tend to find us out here in the sticks. And every one over the years have been magnificent ambassadors for their species. Over the years we’ve owned lab / shepherd / chow and who knows what else mixes and for 40 years my missus has never a “dog person”. It took a little red pit found on the side of the road to change that. I don’t think the missus even realized how much she’d become a dog person until last week.

Actually, a pit person…..

A pit trainer and advocate I read says if you want a sporting dog buy from a breeder who specializes in your sport. If you want a pet or an all around work and play dog go to a shelter or rescue and save a life.

Finding Dora was almost as hard as loosing our Sophie, so many beautiful friendly dogs. It was heart breaking trying to pick one knowing the chances of those not chosen were dicey at best. If I could have, I’d have brought home 5 and I still remember each’s name: Penelope, Reba, Dixie, Violet, and of course Adorable Dora Blue.

On a geeky side note no she’s not named after Dora the Explorer. Her name at the shelter was simply “blue” which she didn’t answer to so I’m thinking what’s blue? Andorians! Yeah, I know…

3 Responses to “Oh my! What have we done!?”

  1. Mom Says:

    She’s a pretty girl, like Sophie but not; I am eager to meet her. 😀

  2. Jared Says:


  3. Mom Says:

    I was surprised at how much smaller she is in person. She looks really big in the pictures! Thanks for bringing her by! 😀