Pit Bull Shot Protecting Owner, Survives

We always read and hear the media hyped horror stories about those “vicious pit bulls”.  So here’s a more positive story about a Pit Bull who was shot in the head trying to protect owner from a fake delivery guy trying to rob him.  Not bad for what is essentially a doggy senior citizen.  Buy that dog a t-bone….

It’s been said for some time that if you can’t have a gun have a powerful dog and a pit is certainly that and in a compact package comparatively. I firmly believe the this, have a dog when you can’t get a gun, is in large part behind the demonizing of various preferred family guard breeds over the last several decades… In their turn German Shepherds, Chow-Chow’s, Doberman Pincers, Rottweilers, Pitbulls have all come under direct attack.

On Staten Island I’m sure Kilo was the family’s only option for protection and this very story, a forceful broad daylight home invasion, shows the need is quite real.

Good boy Kilo, good boy…

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