Senator Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban

The media will compare Senator Feinstein’s proposed Assault Weapons Ban to the 1994 ban but if you read it you’ll find it’s considerably more draconian.

Chiefly any grandfathered weapon would become an NFA weapon requiring the same treatment as a real assault rifle or machine gun. Whether the semi-autos will be machine guns ($200 transfer tax) or Any Other Weapons like pen guns (AOW, $5 transfer but the same intentional bureaucratic pain) isn’t clear.

The summary makes it clear they learned from the 1994 ban and have incorporated adjustments to prevent getting around this one as easily as before. Partly by naming 120 specific weapons but also disallowing the simple removal of bayonet lugs and flash hiders, and the substitution of thumb hole stocks to get around the pistol grip. All of which points out the utterly cosmetic nature of this ban. This is about any detachable magazine semi-auto….

BOHICA comes to mind but simply doesn’t do it justice….

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