The growing militarization of U.S. police

As a young man the militarized police enforcer image had some appeal – the old POLICE officer over PEACE officer thing Hollywood did their level best (and still does) to propagandize. But a dozen years or so ago the implication of POLICE over PEACE has become readily apparent with some pretty outrageous abuses of police powers. Today there is an interesting article on the growing militarization of U.S. police that is worth some serious consideration on how do we de-escalate it? To me it is a grass roots, ground up type problem with local police and sheriff agencies that are more or less directly accountable to the people (Sheriff’s typipcally through direct election and police departments through mayors offices or councils).

But the abuses by Federal agencies are considerably harder to deal with as the Federal agencies have been consolidation their powers since Bill Clinton refused to rein in Janet Reno – not saying she was the first but one of the most notable at that level.

GW didn’t help much with the formation of Homeland Security which the Democrats only knocked until they were able to grab the reins for themselves. So this isn’t as much a Democrat or Republican thing as it is Statism vs Federalism. And though there are more Statists in the Democrat party there is certainly no shortage of them in the Republican party including a couple of recent failed Presidential contenders.

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