Jaylen Bledsoe, American Dream

So while all the pols and media are harping over how there’s no opportunity – how McDonalds and Walmart should pay a “living wage” regardless of the value of the work being performed – we have this story over in the UK about Jaylen Beldsoe who is a 15 year old high school student who built $3.5million IT company. What’s more, the company is now 3 years old and he started it when he was 12 – that’s right – TWELVE YEARS OLD.

Obviously not everyone has the drive, skills or even intelligence to do something like this but it refutes the notion that America is no longer the land of opportunity. If anything, the very early age children in particular pickup technology skills should make everyone take note. Even the current 20-somethings’ career paths are not entirely safe from younger, smarter and motivated individuals like Jaylen. Let alone technology fossils like myself…

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