Rushmore blockage stirs anger in S.D.

So in the the latest in the ongoing War Against the American Taxpayer the NPS has blocked off highway overlooks at Mt Rushmore. Naturally, someone has some fun with it here and here and what does the holy book of urban legends say? FALSE.

The widely circulated image of the sheet-toting helicopters shown above is nothing more than a digital manipulation created as a humorous illustration to a similar article, however. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial has not been obscured from view by a large sheet suspended from helicopters (a patently silly notion) or anything else. Although visitors may not currently be able to access some of Mount Rushmore’s best viewing points, the monument itself remains visible anywhere from which it normally could be seen.

That’s some great failure of reading comprehension there Snopes – your partisanship is showing again… Bet you think the closing down of private residences, private businesses, open air monuments is all fake or justified too? After reports that it was even a FELONY to so much as check your government email account during the shutdown where is the money coming from to fund the NPS , who seems to be the bludgeon of choice to make the shutdown as felt as possible, officers putting up cones, barricades and go door to door telling people to get out of their home or parking their cars in front of private businesses and telling customers to go away?

Heck they closed down the Foothills Parkway which originally was to be left open and trapped a school tour.

I’m sure Snopes says none of this happened either because the art used in the articles was from a stock art company….

Lastly, the pissed off people convinced the NPS to take the cones down so the overlooks were only blocked for 2 days.

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