Feds confiscate investigative reporter’s confidential files during GUN raid

The Feds raided an investigative reporters house on the pretense her husband was a prohibited person for the purposes of owning a firearm and they were looking for guns in the house. Never mind that if the guns are demonstrably HERS there’s still no violation occurring if they’re reasonably stored. But during the warrant search guns weren’t what they found or took – they confiscated the investigative reporter’s confidential files without knowledge or receipt for the property. That is called theft. And, I see no information supporting probable cause and considering the agencies involved the warrant was certainly rubber stamped anyway because this reporter – who’s not a “righty” by any stretch of the imagination – was inconveniencing the Government.

At this point they’re going after their own useful idiots who are apparently waking up the fact they’ve been had. And if this story doesn’t scare you then there’s something wrong and we’re doubly screwed.

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