Amazon Accused of Cheating Customers

OK so this woman is accusing Amazon of cheating Prime customers by “encouraging” them to pack shipping charges onto the item price so they can list shipping as free.

First, apparently the nanny state should protect us from our own lack of caveat emptor.

Second, she must have only recently jumped off the turnip truck because this “tactic” predates Amazon and I see it with a number of merchant clearing houses such as EBay and Yahoo! stores.

Personally, I will generally prefer to deal with the guy that lists an item for $49.95 instead of the guy who lists it for $34.95 + $14.95 S&H because I could care less about the components – I want to know how much to MY DOOR. Plus, it seems to be a common ploy to list the shipping separately so your product looks less expensive but when the shipping is added it’s actually more expensive than the vendor priced to include “free” shipping.

Of course, if one way or the other was preferred by a majority there wouldn’t be so many doing it each way now would there. But to sue over it because you can’t comprehend retail is absurd…

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