Those “In Network” Medical Insurance Discounts

During a recent trip to the doc I was given a short list of tests the doc wanted. I was told I could just wander anytime into lab at the regional hospital where the doc’s office is, no appointment necessary! Sounds convenient, no? But, being the regional hospital I questioned the sanity of not price shopping so put the missus on a mission to do so and the results will astound anyone who’s not been paying attention.

Of the 4 tests 3 were only about twice the price but one test was 6.7X more. Worse, it’s one of the most common tests out there for men.

Total price for the 4 tests at the regional hospital walk in lab was $445. Same tests at the local retail lab? $105.

Folks want to know what’s wrong with the cost of medicine these days? This is only a small example…

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