Maryland Abandons Ballistic Fingerprinting: Spent Millions, Solved No Crimes.

After 15 years, $5 Million in tax payer dollars Maryland is abandoning their ballistic fingerprinting law.   The law required every new gun sold in the state to have a fired casing submitted to the state to have it’s unique characteristics logged into a database and purportedly used to solve crimes.

Except it didn’t work.  Fortunately, though it took 15 years, they’ve realized it didn’t work and have now abandoned it as useless.

“If there was any evidence whatsoever — any evidence — that this was helpful in solving crimes, we wouldn’t have touched it,” Zirkin said. “The police came in and said it was useless. No one contradicted that.”

Source: Maryland spent millions on gun database that solved no crimes. – Baltimore Sun

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