Indiana Ranges

Where to shoot in Indiana?

I love Indiana but there aren’t many places to shoot. The DNR runs a few ranges and beyond that it’s the family farm, friend who knows someone with access to a family farm or private conservation clubs. It hasn’t helped that in recent years the private clubs have been under attack mainly citing the noise but “they” will use anything they can including zoning and “finding” slugs in neighboring yards. In one case the town built a building right at the end of the trap range then shut down the trap range! This will only get worse as towns expand into what used to be rural areas and the new residents move in. So if you’ve found a good club make sure to lend them any support that you can.

Atterbury Range Note!

Overhead view of the new Atterbury range under construction

The Atterbury range, which has been closed for renovation for some time, was dedicated to the memory of Sgt. Joseph Proctor (second mention here).

The Indiana National Guardsman was killed May 3, 2006, during an attack on a U.S. coalition compound in Tammin, near Ramadi, Iraq. The Whiteland man lost his life defending his fellow troops against a suicide bomber in Iraq. He was the first Indiana soldier to receive the Silver Star — the nation’s third-highest medal for valor — since the Vietnam War.

But that is only part of the story, there is more to “lost his life defending his fellow troops against a suicide bomber”, read on:

When a dump truck loaded with explosives broke through a gate and headed for the center of the compound, he faced down the truck and kept shooting until the driver was dead, the bomb detonated, and Proctor was mortally wounded. The father of three children was posthumously awarded the Silver Star, the nation’s third-highest medal for valor.

I have occasional policy problems with Mitch Daniels but every now and then he says something that makes up for a lot of it:

“There are men alive today who would not be if it weren’t for first the courage and then the skill and marksmanship of this man,” Gov. Mitch Daniels said at the dedication. “It would be hard to come up with a more appropriate way to remember Joseph Proctor.”

I didn’t find anything on when the Atterbury range will actually open.

Public Ranges

Public ranges in Indiana are most all run by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources so the best place to start is the DNR website’s list of ranges. Also see Page 2 of this DNR PDF file.

Private Clubs

These clubs have different offerings and the ones that have websites usually don’t have a lot of information so be prepared to send an email or pick up the phone if you need to get more information.

Marion County Fish and Game Assoc
Near Speedway, just outside the I-465 highway on Crawfordsville Rd. (sadly no centerfire rifle range)
Indiana Gun Club – Fortville, Indiana
Danville Conservation Club – Danville, Indiana
Triple H – Linton, Indiana
Trap, shotgun only
Flat Creek – Lafayette, IN
This appears to be a Gunshop with a ‘smith and range
Crooked Creek Conservation Club – Noblesville, Indiana
May be shotgun only?
Old Trails Rifle & Pistol Club – Richmond, Indiana
Bass And Bucks – Wabash, Indiana
Fall Creek Vally Conservation Club – Markleville, Indiana

Also see the NRA’s list of Indiana facilities as well as Traders Creek’s list of clubs. There is also a decent list at the Gun Guy’s site.

As always if you see something missing, or know of a club that is friendly but otherwise difficult to find if you don’t live next door, please send me a note.