Shooting Supplies

Shooting Supplies

Caution – work in progresss!

Most of the listed vendors have long been known to American shooters. But even a favorite can be occassionally forgotten hence this list to remind myself where all to price things before I buy. Note that the companies are listed in no particular order. I have purchased from some but not others. That does not mean I won’t buy from them if they have what I’m looking for and the price is right. Otherwise consider this listing informational only and Buyer Beware.

Action Shooting Supply
owder, primers, bullets, tools

Powder Valley
Powder, primers, bullets, tools


Midway USA
General shooting sports and reloading

Mid-South Shooter Supply
General shooting sports and reloading

Sportsman’s Guide
Surplus, shooting sports, ammo

Cheaper Than Dirt
Surplus, shooting sports, ammo

Specialty Shops

FAL, 1919 & AK kits and parts (and more). I’ve dealt with these folks a number of times and whole-heartedly endorse them.

Gun Parts Guy
Mainly FAL and AK parts – A straight shooter with good parts and who will treat you right.

DS Arms
The “Premier” FAL Builder and parts. DS Arms also has their own lines of AR’s (including a 6.8spc model) and bolt action rifles.

Firearms and Surplus / C&R

Military Gun Supply

Akron Arms

Simpson LTD

Centerfire Systems


Treasure Huntress


Be warned that I was shopping for some new cowboy leather when I put this list together so it tends to favor that type of product line.

El Paso Saddlery

Red Dog Leather (Yahoo Store)

Kirk Patrick

Mitch Rosen

Griffin **

Milt Sparks



W.M. Brown

Old River Saddlery

Mernickle Holsters


Ted Blocker

Circle KB

Wester Gun Holsters

Oklahoma Leather

Texas Gunslinger

Triple K


Alonzo’s of Hollywood


High Noon

Jess Roys


Lone Star Cowboy Gear

San Pedro Saddlery

Wickett & Craig

Demers Leather

Colorado Leather – 719-633-8722

Siegel of California

Mid-Continent Leather Sales Company

Oregon Leather Company

If you’re not on this list and would like to be considered just shoot me an email with the link to your site.